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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Edmond

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Edmond

Have you seen the letters CBD blasted near the local Edmond OK marijuana dispensaries? You may hear your aunt or elderly neighbor boast about the magnificence of getting Marijuana products from the local pharmacy stores. You may not know that the fuss around the CBD because you do not understand the impact of the different degrees of CBD.

The highest strains of CBD have optimal therapeutic benefits. They make it possible for children to recover quickly from seizures, chronic pain, inflammation, and depression, among other cases. CBD is available in many different forms at Weed dispensary in Edmond, Oklahoma, such as tinctures, oils, and vape pens. The shortest way to understand your connection to the CBD world is to learn the following historical significance of high CBD strains.

The highest CBD strains from our medical marijuana dispensary in Edmond

Charlotte’s Web

The first occurrence of the CBD strain was in 2011, where the strain made a powerful impact on treating different conditions for children. It gained its name from the first girl to receive healing from the Dravet syndrome. It has a CBD content of 17% and has a sweet and flowery aroma with a tint of wood.


The CBD strain is a mix between MK Ultra and G13 Haze. It sparked the movement for the medical use of Marijuana and has shocking levels of elevated CBD for the quickest relief from bodily and mental discomforts. Cannatonic has an equal 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC and still offers one of the most enticing relaxation and uplifting effects. Cannatonic has a citric taste and earthy aroma.


The strain is a mix between Cannatonic and Ruderalis and has a 16 to 24% CBD content and a 6% THC content. The potential CBD effect is pain relief, ease from anxiety, treating seizures, and a range of other mental and bodily imbalances. The strain has a sweet and herbaceous flavor.


The CBD strain is a descent of the Thai strain. It has a consistent CBD to THC ratio of 5:2 and contains a CBD content of up to 16%. Harlequin offers the most diverse medical treatment and will be perfect for many different psychological conditions, including headaches, fatigue, and stress. The prominent quotients of terpenes give the strain an earthy aroma with hints of citrus and mango.  

Ringo’s gift

Ringo is the high CBD strain that is a cross between Harle-Tsu and AC/DC. It got its name from its original breeder and has an equal content of CBD and THC. The balanced ratio gives a warm and buzzing effect without making one tired or highly excited. The strain is best for treating severe medical ailments, including arthritis, chronic pain, and inflammation. It has a spicy and tangy flavor and is easy to consume because it has a mint and piney aroma.

The CBD industry is volatile and presents many different strains with perfect manicure and curation in the best Edmond marijuana dispensaries. Every plant we sell in the medical marijuana dispensary in Edmond will be absolute in giving your body the desired effect. We will provide you with the best strain for your particular medical condition when you contact the Edmond OK cannabis dispensary on 405-216-3488 or visit the store.


Medical Marijuana Dispensary Edmond

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